Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Normal Blogging

It was a lot easier to blog when I was doing the Halloween monster countdown. I had a predetermined topic and a specific goal in mind. Most of the posts were prepared two days to a week in advance. Now I actually have to come up with new topics.

This Halloween season was pretty good. We were invited to a costume party with friends the Friday night before Halloween. Although I dislike nearly all social events, this party was actually quite fun. The food was good, the company was agreeable, and the games were enjoyable. The wife and I dressed up as radioactive zombies using yellow jumpsuits we bought on eBay for a very reasonable cost and then marked with the nuclear trefoil. Green makeup, fake blood, and peeling latex skin completed the outfits.

Halloween being on Sunday, and this being Idaho, it was the accepted practice to go Trick-Or-Treating on Saturday night. Just like last year we dressed the family in Star Wars costumes and went around the immediate neighborhood in the early evening. We were in disbelief when we returned home and found that the bowl of candy we had left on the doorstep with the sign saying "take two only" actually still had candy in it. It's refreshing when people are honest.

We gave out candy until the groups of kids thinned out and the teens and pre-teens started to come out. Since we have little patience for teenagers who generally don't even bother to wear real costumes, we closed up for the night by blowing out the Jack-O'-Lanterns (mine was a Stormtrooper) turning out all the houselights, and watching TV in the dark. This is our yearly tradition and is about 96% effective at letting the teenagers know that we don't really want to answer the door anymore.

We made sure we had some candy left for any kids that might come by on Sunday night. All we got was a single cluster of parents with a few toddlers in tow.

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