Friday, November 26, 2010

The Best Part About Winter

I was raised in Southern California, so you'd think that I would hate Idaho winters. Well, I'm not overly fond of the cold, but I do like to watch the snow fall. However, the best part about winter is the silence. I've mentioned before that I can't tolerate noise. This past summer and early fall has been the absolute worst for me thanks to motor-happy neighbors and one particular house in our neighborhood.

It seems that this past year has seen more motorcyclists and drivers revving their engines and roaring down the major road a few blocks away from our home than before. Most nights, around 10:30 PM (when I usually go to bed) one neighbor would leave his truck to idle while playing loud music. Even after he left I could still hear the constant drone of dozens, if not hundreds of cars. Now that there's snow on the ground and a lot of ice on the roads, motorcyclists aren't out anymore and most drivers are limiting their speed and slowing their acceleration. No more roaring or revving engines.

The other annoyance this year has been a neighbor who decided to put large speakers in his backyard. For several months I had been driven insane by a thudding base that would play into the night and, during weekends, well into the morning. The worst part of it was that my wife thought it was all in my head because she couldn't hear the music (curse my excellent hearing!). I eventually traced the source of the noise to a home about a block away. This person had set up the kind of tents you see at airshows or other public events in his yard and apparently liked to listen to loud music there during all hours of the day and night. I really don't know how his immediate neighbors tolerated it. Since I'm not a confrontational person, I never talked to him or reported the noise. Thankfully, with the cold weather and snow he's taken down his tents and doesn't listen to his music outside anymore.

In previous years I've looked forward to the coming of warm weather. Since warm weather is now likely to mean the return of constant, maddening noise, winter may not last long enough.

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