Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shakedown Socialism Was Right

Do you think that communism is dead? Do you think that Oleg Atbashian's fear that American unions are trying to veer our country towards communism is misplaced? Only a couple hours after posting my review of Atbashian's book, I came across this article: "SEIU drops mask, goes full commie".

Is this one even old enough to
know what real communism is?

That's right, a rally on May Day (i.e., the communist "International Worker's Day") in Los Angeles brought out the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the AFL-CIO, several teachers' unions, and organizations like the Communist Party, USA and the Young Communist League.

SEIU purple alongside communist red; seems about right to me

Did you know that the SEIU spent more money on Obama's 2008 election campaign than any other organization and that the SEIU president is a frequent visitor to the White House? If it's true that you can 'judge a man by the company he keeps', what does this say about Obama?

This assembly was not unusual; unions and socialist/communist organizations are often found walking side-by-side in such rallies.

(All photos from this link)

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