Friday, May 13, 2011

Just to Show that I'm Not a Commercial Shill...

In my review of the Green Lantern toys, I said that I wanted to get a Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure. Well, the Green Lantern action figures finally arrived at our local Walmart and my wife picked up the figure I wanted. The next time I accompany her to the store, I might just check out the other ones. From the back of Hal Jordan's box, it looks like they've also released Sinestro in his Green Lantern outfit.

Supervillains always seem to have more fun

In the comics (and I assume in the film as well) Sinestro was Hal Jordan's mentor. Of course any comic book character named "Sinestro" is going to end up as a supervillain sooner or later. After he used his ring to inspire fear and was banished, Sinestro returned with a yellow power ring that was effectively immune from the Green Lanterns' green rings. I wonder if this is going to be shown in Green Lantern or if it's going to be saved for a sequel.

Will two Green Lantern figures really be enough?

I don't know if Mattel sold any more Green Lantern merchandise because of my blog post, but they at least got a few bucks from me.

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