Saturday, February 20, 2010

Computer Addicts

So, the wife is playing on the laptop (Bob), the kids are playing on the old desktop (Robby), and I'm playing on the newest edition to our family (HAL). It's amazing how you can have the entire family in just two adjacent rooms and yet have absolutely no personal contact.

HAL (pictures to be forthcoming) is truly a monster of a computer that was built for us by a coworker of mine. It has an AMD 2.61 GHz quad core processor, 4 GB of dual channel DDR3 RAM (it's the fatest RAM available; the sticks actually have their own heat sinks), one of the best video cards on the market (the card has its own cooling fans), dual 18.5" LCD monitors, and (my pride and joy) a solid state hard drive. The hard drive has no moving parts and some of the fastest read and write speeds you can find. HAL has a brag-worthy Windows performance index of 7.1 on a scale from 0 to 7.9.

I'm also pretty sure that HAL has absorbed a noticeable portion of my soul.


  1. Was this "Hal" somewhat of a Kelly creation?

  2. Indeed it was. He builds computers for friends and refuses payment. He tells you what parts to buy from, you bring them to him and he builds it.

    If he charged for building computers, I would recommend his services to everyone. But since he does it because he's a good guy and enjoys it, it wouldn't feel right to send anyone to him.



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