Monday, October 4, 2010

31 Monsters of October, Day 4: Leviathan

Real World Origin:
Judeo-Christian Religion

In-Universe Description:
As described in the Bible, the Leviathan is usually some form of large sea creature. Sometimes it's described as one of the many animals created by the Lord (in Modern Hebrew the name means "whale"). At other times (e.g., in Job) it's described as a fearsome crocodilian monster. Later Jewish writings referred to Leviathan as a sea dwelling dragon that could make the waters boil with the heat of its breath. By the Middle Ages Christianity used the Leviathan as an image of the Devil or of a demon. Anglo-Saxon art in 800 A.D. associated the mouth of the Leviathan with the mouth of Hell.

According to the apocryphal Book of Enoch, Leviathan is one of three primal, unconquerable monsters. While Leviathan is the monster of the sea, Behemoth is the monster of the land, and Ziz is the monster of the sky.

In Disney's animated adventure film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the Leviathan is a giant mechanical lobster created and powered by advanced Atlantean technology.

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