Friday, February 27, 2009


Last Saturday I added another Godzilla figure to my collection of toys. It's a 6" Destroyah figure (or Destoroyah, or Destroyer; they never came up with a consistent spelling for him). My two older kids get a kick out of my Godzilla toys so I "attacked" each of them with it. Our one-year old watched this intently so I did the same to her; I put the admittedly hideous toy about a foot away from her and said "rarrr!". She partially hid her face until I moved the toy away, afraid that I had actually scared her. Almost immediately she uncovered her face, smiled, and said "rarrr". Ever since then she has been scooting through the house rarrr-ing.


  1. That was Carl. I say...Arabella is a funny little girl. And it is hilarious. By the way, that is one ugly toy.



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