Friday, November 7, 2008

Introductory Post

Having seen how much my friends and family members enjoy blogging, I've decided to give it a try. I'll let my wife handle discussions about our kids and family events for the most part, since she does it so well and is more sentimental than me. I will probably give more time to the odd things that interest me: e.g., technology, politics, science fiction, history, etc.

Although this is pretty redundant, since the only ones who may ever read this blog are friends, family, and friends of friends, here is a brief introduction of myself:

  • I am currently in my late twenties and am married with three children.
  • I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).
  • I received a B.S. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University.
  • I live in Idaho where I work as an engineer in the nuclear industry (hence the "Atomic Spud" blog title).
  • I closely follow politics and am a lifelong conservative Republican.
  • I am a science fiction fan and particularly enjoy the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises as well as the literature of Orson Scott Card.
  • Having apparently never grown up, I collect toys, particularly Lego's Star Wars building sets as well as Godzilla figurines.
  • Bulleted lists are my favorite way to organize information.


  1. "Bulleted lists are my favorite way to organize information." I find that really funny. Maybe because it was the last item in a bulleted list. Anyways, don't hate me or Carl because of the socialism comments. I am well aware that socialism will never work in our country, but I think in it's ideal form, without the greediness of people, etc., it could be very nice. And by very nice, I mean that wouldn't it be nice if people who had a job were able to have all their needs provided for? That's all I mean by all of it. It just seems awfully unfair to me for people who are working three jobs, still not be able to provide food, shelter, and clothes for their family. That's all.

  2. I'm sure you could find out all sorts of weird things about how I write procedures and organize information from Carl.

    As for the socialism comments, I've never hated anyone for holding opposing views; questioned their logic, reasoning, or judgment, yes, but never hated them :-) . I'll probably post something on my blog about my political views, but for now I think mormon paleo's comments on your blog pretty well sum up my own view.

  3. Star Wars Legos... Hmm... You're not the only one. Last year was the year of the Star Wars Legos in our house. Rick's mom was cleaning things out, and on top of that, Rick went on a buying spree. Thus, we ended up with more Legos than fit on his shelves at work and at home so some have been *gasp* taken apart and put into a box. I'm sure there were at least 24 new sets welcomed into the family just last year alone...

    Rick will be glad to know that he's not the only one to enjoy Star Wars Legos still. As a side note, we played the Star Wars Lego game on the Wii again, just last night... :)



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