Sunday, August 25, 2013

Warhammer 40K-Related Blog Neglect

Unfortunately, I've been slow in posting more May Day Movie Marathon reviews. Although relatively brief (the last two reviews came in at about 1600 and 1800 words, respectively), the reviews can take me several hours to finish. Much of this is because I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive and re-read and edit the whole essay repeatedly.

I've not been inactive in blogging, though. Since my last Atomic Spud blog post on July 4th, I've posted five times on my Warhammer 40,000 blog, which has become more popular than this blog ever was. During its heyday, the Atomic Spud blog was regularly getting 3,000+ pageviews per month. At its peak in October 2012, the blog received 4,851 pageviews in a single month. It's been downhill from there; nowadays I'm lucky if I get 1,600. Disappointingly, the majority of the pageviews have come from Google's image search and represent people looking for pictures of monsters that appeared in my "31 Monsters of October" series that led up to Halloween 2010. I believe the pageviews dried up because Google doesn't list my images as high up as it used to.

By comparison, the 40K blog reached 5,565 pageviews a couple months ago and is on track to beat that record this month. The army I play, Space Marines, will soon be getting an update and my posts on the subject have become rather popular. The best part is that many visitors are people who are looking for actual content rather than just images. The blog has a number of followers who regularly visit and leave comments. Late one month I even got an email from a follower asking if I was going to be updating the blog soon; I guess he looks forward to blog updates and was worried that I wasn't going to post that month.

Anyway, I hope to post more May Day movie reviews once I've finished these guys:

Obviously there's more to them than just the heads.

My close combat Terminator Squad has taken up much of my free time since early July, which doesn't leave me much time for movie reviews. I expect to have the models done in a couple weeks, after which I'll take a short break before starting another set. Hopefully I'll get in a few reviews during the down time. I still have a hard sci-fi film from the '30s, a living brain movie, a Korean daikaiju eiga, a couple low-budget b-movies, and an Orson Welles film to cover.

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