Sunday, February 13, 2011

People Love Monsters

During October of last year I posted a blog entry for a monster or type of monster for each day of the month. At the time it was just something fun to do in preparation for Halloween. Strangely enough, these monster posts have become my most popular blog entries thanks to Google.

It seems that Google's image searching feature has linked to pictures of monsters found in my blog posts. According to Blogger's stats, seven of my top ten most viewed entries are from my 31 Monsters of October series. Apparently the Shrike from the Hyperion saga is the most popular; I've had 267 pageviews of that post alone. Since the Shrike is one of the coolest monsters ever created by a science fiction author, I can't say I'm surprised.

Although I'd rather that people visit my blog because they're more interested in what I have to say than in the kinds of pictures I use in my posts, I'll take whatever visitors I can get. Who knows, maybe I'll pick up a few followers. After all, I found some of my favorite blogs completely by accident while looking for some random article or picture.

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