Saturday, January 24, 2009

America, You Got What You Voted For

So, one of the first things Obama does after getting into office is to reverse a policy held by Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush; he "lifted a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions". For those who were paying attention during the presidential race, this is exactly what he promised to do in his first days in office.

In case my fellow Americans don't know what this implies, it means that your tax dollars can now go to groups that encourage abortions or that pay for them. Doesn't that make you happy to know that you can now financially support the murder of unborn babies?

Oh yeah, he also reversed a bunch of anti-terrorism policies. So, how many Americans thought that the "Change" Obama was talking about meant making it easier for people to a) murder unborn babies and b) to be a terrorist and to try to kill everyone else? Okay, I see the Change, but I'm really not seeing the Hope. Maybe the Hope comes when Obama pays my mortgage.


  1. I still like his stance on education and the environment. Abortion is always going to be a hot topic, in my opinion, one that will not be solved for a long time. As for the terrorism thing, I don't know what the deal is with that one. And what's he going to do with the terrorists in Gitmo?

  2. Unfortunately, Obama believes that drastic action is needed to stop global warming... right when more and more scientists (not to mention the undeniable global cooling trend that's been going on since 1998) are showing that the theory of global warming has been a mistake at best and a fraud at worst.

    Now the most outspoken people on global warming are scientists whose grants depend on the reality of the theory or politicians who stand to gain substantial power by instituting draconian environmental regulations. These people have gotten more and more shrill as their theory gets more and more shot full of holes.



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