Friday, December 5, 2008

Boycotting the Mormons

The other day I read an article on American Thinker, one of my favorite political websites, that was commenting on how various gay marriage proponents were reacting to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the Mormon Church) and its participation in California's Proposition 8 (I wrote about this not too long ago in "Attacking the Church").

The article presents several comments that the author found on various pro-gay marriage and liberal websites (e.g., the ubiquitous "Daily Kos"). Among my favorites are these:

"I personally won't do business with any Marriott hotels, as they are owned by Mormons."

"Businesses owned by Mormons, who tithe to the Church, should also be boycotted."

"Now do not tip, hire, or do any business with a Mormon. 10% of their income goes to the church that worked tirelessly to take the civil rights away from people... I asked my waiter if he were a Mormon, when he said he was I did not tip him, telling him, I was sorry but I can not support bigotry."

"Universely, we need to avoid putting any more money into the Church's coffers by boycotting all companies where a Mormon church member holds an officer's position or a large majority interest."

"Any business, Mormon or otherwise, can take the simple step of posting a sign on the premises urging the repeal of Prop 8, or make a public statement against it."

Well, as long as we're asking our waiters if they're Mormons so we don't tip them, and as long as we're going to be boycotting any Mormon-owned stores or companies (unless they put up the requisite sign, that is), and as long as we're using the government to harass the Church for its participation in the Prop 8 vote, then we might as well start marking those dirty Mormons so we can identify who it is that "take[s] the civil rights away from people". I think I've come up with an appropriate patch for these Enemies of the People to wear:

Remember, "There is a war cry being sounded in gay communities all across America - Boycott Mormon owned businesses. This is a war cry that should be heeded."

Now, if the patch is too subtle, let us review a well-known scenario:

Imagine that an unpopular religious minority, which has been persecuted almost since its inception, is blamed for any number of evils in society. The influence this group has is greatly exaggerated, but they make an easy target so they are the ones who get the blame. This minority is supposedly plotting to oppress the people by secretly controlling the government, which they can accomplish due to a disproportionate amount of wealth and/or influence. A "war" must be waged against these enemies in order for the people to regain their rights. Since these enemies are using their wealth to control society, boycotts are the obvious way to initially attack them. Threats of violence soon follow.

This is how the Nazis addressed the "Jewish Question" early on in 1933. And now that's how some gay rights activists and leftists in California have decided to take care of the "Mormon Question" in 2008 (apparently without knowing who their notorious predecessors are). We can only hope that, unlike the Nazi party, these activists never get the power of the state behind them (although they are trying to do so). This is why so-called "Hate Speech" laws terrify me. In Canada and in Europe they've been used to silence clergy speaking out against homosexuality, as well as to stop other non-politically correct speech.

The threats of violence have already started: there have been threatening protests outside of LDS temples, vandalism of churches, and at least one case of a burning Book of Mormon left outside of a church's doorstep.

This has clearly gone beyond politics and has become mindless retribution on behalf of certain leftists. No amount of protesting or boycotting of Mormons or of the Church will overturn Proposition 8. Only a new proposition or a federal court decision can nullify Prop 8. Even if these groups could utterly destroy the Church (which is what many of them apparently want to do), the results of the vote would remain the same. If every Mormon 'went back to Utah' and stayed out of Californian politics, the pro-traditional marriage supporters would still outnumber the pro-gay marriage voters.


  1. This type of behavior scares the heck out of me. How can such blind hatred and ignorance be ignored.

  2. That's a nice patch. Where can I get one? I just wonder how all the leftists can get away with the persecution they are doing. How is it any different than hate speech?



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